Some musings I had today

Hello again!  🙂

I just
wanted to share, not that I have many readers, but I'll share it to you
anyways.  I was encouraged and reminded to really enjoy this time
of my life, especially being a mama to younger children.  I was
standing in line at the bank today.  All the children were with me
as well.  Ahead of me were two ladies chatting with each
other.  It sounded like they hadn't seen each other for awhile,
the wait was long and I over heard one lady telling the other that if
she could she would go back in time and have her children still
small/babies.  She wouldn't change a thing, but if she could she
would do it all over again.  🙂  It got me thinking, this
time is so short!  They are only children for a few short
years.  Enjoy them, play with them, read to them, colour with them
and  teach and raise them to love and serve the Lord.  Such a
high calling, but if we pray and seek Him, we will be given wisdom and
strength for the task set before us. 

Just wanted to
share those thougths with you!  If you are a busy mother to small
children, just remember they are small for such a short time and before
we know it this to will pass.

7 thoughts on “Some musings I had today

  1. That’s such a good reminder. Some of my days seem like they will just never end, but I know that my boys will be grown and gone before I know it!

  2. I know what you mean about children growing up fast. I look at each of my daughters baby pictures who now 11,9 and 5 and I long for them to be babies again. I do enjoy them, even when they are acting like little pills.

  3. I don’t have many readers either….I’ll add you to my friends list:) I’ve been here for a bout a month, but still like doing it anyway(even if no one is reading). I figured if I just go and type comments then they might come visit me….
    anyway-thank you for the encouraging words…we have 5 small children and isn’t that the truth, man they grow up fast, too fast! I hate to even think about it….time is short…but God is good….PTL they are still at home with me. I go crazy with them here and would go crazy if they weren’t here. But I love them so very much.
    Have a great night….I’m so sleepy-I’ve been changing the look of my blog and was up late last night too fiddling with it.

  4. Thank you both for commeting!!

    I know I’m a month late here, that is how long it has been since being here on my blog. Sorry that must change. 🙂

  5. Hi Tanya! This is Shelby, your pen friend from South Carolina :). There is a really interesting story in how I found your blog :). Lee was reading a financial article on Crosswalk which took him to the Crosswalk forums discussing the article, from there he clicked on a link that took him to a homeschoolbloggers blog (I think it was cappacinosmom) because he was intrigued by her quote on little boys (we’re having a boy, by the way, how about that…still kind of shocked, just kind of assumed it would be a girl until a couple of days before the ultrasound and then I started getting a little suspicious) and while he was reading through the comments to her post I “happened” to walk in the room at just the right moment and said, “Hey! I know her!!!”, I recognized the picture :). Anyway, I loved your quotes! Especially the one, “The only people you should try to get even with are those who have helped you in some way”. It was fun to see your article in Tapestries as well :). Now, I’m going to go try to “get even” with my sister :). She’s graduating tomorrow and I haven’t even fixed up her gift basket yet.

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