A few simple joys….

Thoughts I wrote down on May 12, 2006

Just a few of the simple joys of being a momy.

I love being a momy!  This list can and would get very long, so
I'll just list a few.  To start, the joy and happiness of knowing
a new life is being formed in secret.  Then hearing the baby's
heartbeat for the first time and feeling the first squirms and kicks.

The joy of hearing a newborn's first cry, then watching them grow and
discover new things.  The joy on their face when they see momy
come and get them when they awaken from their sleep. Their fist laughs
or giggles, first words and first steps.

The joy on their faces when they bring in a bouquet of flowers picked
with love just for mommy.  Hearing the words “I love you, mommy”
or receivng handwritten notes like the one I was given this morning by
my five year old daughter saying, Dear Mommy” with a hand drawn picture
of two stick people, one was my daughter and one was me!

The joys of hearing children's laughter at play or seeing them working
with their daddy.  Listening to them sing praises to the Lord.
Reading to them Bible stories and teaching them the ways of the Lord.

The joys of seeing them tucked into their cozy little beds at night
after a busy day of work and play.  Also knowing they feel safe
and secure in our home and in our love.

The joys in hearing them read their first words and helping them learn
new things and discovering all that the Lord has given us.  These
are just a few of the many joys of being a mommy.  I am so
thankful to the Lord for allowing me to be a mommy to four beautiful
children, precious and priceless gifts from the Lord.

May the Lord bless all of us mommies as we strive to raise our children for Him.

This is the sweet note from my daughter. 

6 thoughts on “A few simple joys….

  1. You have it all perfectly and we all enjoyed seeing the picture. I’m glad you got to see Bethani in her dress you made her. I love that picture of her and it would not have been the same had she been wearing anything else :). I get compliments all of the time when I take her out in it, Thank you again!

  2. Thanks Shelby. πŸ™‚ I think that dress pattern is so sweet, I have made a few of them and my girls always looked so sweet in them. πŸ™‚ I think it is neat we have found each other here. πŸ™‚

  3. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My five year old when she’s been crying, she’ll get my sleeve and wipe her tears. It’s so sad looking but I love it.

  4. Being a mom is the most precious gift God could have given us next to eternal life with Him through the blood of Christ. I too love being a mom. There is just so much we can learn from our children. I praise God for my family and pray that he’ll help me to cherish them each and every day because the time goes by so fast – I know my oldest is almost 19 and I cannot imagine how he got that old so fast.

  5. I love the pic of you and the kids. Did you make the green and yellow dress? I really like that one. I should start sewing again! 😦

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