First experience!

Just thought I would share with you
all Benjamin's first experience with grass.  Yesterday we were at
my parents home and in the afternoon we were sitting outside in the
shade enjoying the warm weather and the fellowship with family and
friends.  I sat Benjamin down in the grass, he was not to sure of
what to think of it at first,  he made some funny faces!  
I love watching him discover the world around him.  He will be
eight months tomorrow, I just wonder where has the time gone??  It
seems just like yesterday, I was holding him in my arms for the first

4 thoughts on “First experience!

  1. Tori is the only one of our little ones who has gotten to play in rich soft grass as a baby. Bethani hasn’t even been in the grass unless she has shoes on and someone watching on the alert to pick her up if she plops down :). South Carolina grass is always dry and crunchy, yuck… but the real problem are the fire ants, it’s enough to drive you indoors for a lot of the summer. I miss the grass in Iowa :), is that odd? to miss grass :)? Anyway, Benjamin is so precious :). And enjoy your grass for us :)!!!

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