My oldest turned 8 today

So eight yaers ago today, July
4th,  I was thrilled to be the mother of a newborn baby
girl.  Our baby girl had been born @ 4:42am that morning. 
The joys and happiness of a first time mom!   I was also happy
that labor was over and we had been blessed with a healthy baby
girl.  We were still deciding on the name, and later it was
decided to be Sarah Elizabeth.  Now she is 8 years old, how the
time flies.  She can be a big helper to me.  Her little
sister and brothers look up to her and adore her as well.  It is
my prayer that she will grow up to love and serve the Lord in all that
she will do and bring glory to Him.

2 thoughts on “My oldest turned 8 today

  1. I always get especially nostalgic on Bri’s birthdays :). After all, her birthday is the day I became a mother! I hope you all had a very special day :). Do you have any special birthday traditions?

  2. My parents came over for supper, so we had supper together outside and ended it with cake and ice cream. We don’t really have any traditions… I think birthdays are special, but we don’t make a big thing about them I guess. We also went to town earlier in the afternoon for a bit and had a treat at Dairy Queen, which the children enjoyed. 🙂 I understand what you mean about how you feel on Bri’s birthday, I feel the same way on Sarah’s. 🙂

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