Take a peek!

Just thought I would share with you
a website, my friend recently started.  I have only met her
online, but I hope we can met in real life sometime!!  Sooner than


Wow, I figured out how to do links 


Yesterday I made the Caramel Pecan Rolls, I didn't have any pecans
on hand so I use walnuts instead.  Anyway, they are
delicious!!!  The remaining rolls will be gone today, thery are so
good!!  Easy to make too.  That is what I like easy recipes!!

Today, I'm trying to make French bread.  The recipe I'm using says
to let rise for 8 hours!  Wow, I will have to let you all know how
that turns out.  I felt like trying something new! 

Yesterday, I also worked in our garden and did some laundry.  I
love to hang clothes outside, so during spring, summer and fall, I hang
out clothes often.  There is just something about hanging clothes
up outside and seeing it flap in the breeze, if there is one. 

Today, I need to do ironing, watch the bread and I'm also hoping to
read more in “Managers of Their Chores.  I'll post more on that in
another post.

Have a blessed day!!

May the Lord be with you all!!

I love hearing from you!!

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