Bread baking

Today I bake bread.  It has
been awhile since I last bake bread.  There always seemed to be a
reason why I couldn't, but today there were no reasons why I couldn't
so bread baking it was. 

I thought I would post some
pictures of the bread baking.  I have been baking bread since my
early teens.  It wasn't always something I enjoyed doing, but now
I don't mind and it is so rewarding to take the bread from the
oven.  It looks so good and the smells are wonderful!

This was taken just before I punched it down and then divided it into loaves.

Here Nathaniel (3.5) is helping make a small loaf.

Now Rebecca's  (5.5) turn…

 Big sister Sarah's (8) turn!

Rising before going into the oven…

Now the final product!!  Doesn't is look delicious!

So that was our baking for the day.

5 thoughts on “Bread baking

  1. Your bread looks wonderful! I’m not baking right now because it’s too hot and I’m a big baby about heat. When it’s over 100 degrees and there’s not air-conditioning in the kitchen, turning on the oven just isn’t appealing to me. Oh, but I look forward to the fall. I have been itching to bake bread and can hardly wait for cooler weather. Thanks for sharing your beautiful loaves. I’m enjoying the recipes you’ve posted too. Those zucchini muffins sure look good.

  2. I can almost smell that warm fresh from the oven smell just looking at them :). It’s been awhile since I’ve made bread from scratch too, unless you count using the breadmaker and even then it is usually Bri who does that ;). The girls enjoyed the pictures too :)!

  3. Yum, it looks good, it’s nice to meet others that bake bread, for me there is something comforting about it, maybe a sense of getting back to simplicity, not to mention that it makes the whole house smell wonderful.

  4. Thanks to everyone who commented!! It always brightens my day. 🙂

    It is so rewarding to bring out the baked loaves from the oven and see them sitting on the counter cooling!!

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