First days of school

Well we started school yesterday all went well too.  If all the
school days would be like that is would be easy!  LOL 

This year, Sarah is in grade 4 and Rebecca is in grade 1.  I had
started some phonics with Rebecca last spring and she has remember all
her sounds etc…  I was happy, I was thinking we may have to do
some review, but so far so good.

For Sarah we are using School of Tomorrow and the Pathway Reader and
workbook for reading, I also have a Home economics level 1 by Pearables
that I will do one day a week with both girls and we are going to be
memorizing scripture using the little book called God Loves Us. 
It is a beautiful little book with lovely pictures and an assignment
for each week.  I look forward to doing this with the children and
also learning myself.    That will also be one day a week,
but of course reveiwing everyday.  I have the verses written up on
a small white board in the dining room.

With Rebecca, I'm using Rod and Staff phonic, math and I also have the
reading book, but right now I'm using the Pathway reader and work book
and finishing up the learning through sounds workbook also from Pathway.

Bible memory on Tuesdays and Home Economics for homeschoolers on
Wednesday's.  Piano lessons start on Thursday too, Sarah is
looking forward to that.

I'm thankful all is going well and I just keep praying that the Lord
will continue to fill my heart for a love for homeschooling and keeping
my heart meek and quiet.

Must go baby needs his mama.  ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “First days of school

  1. I’m thankful all is going well and I just keep praying that the Lord will continue to fill my heart for a love for homeschooling and keeping my heart meek and quiet

    I need this prayer. We just started and already I am having a hard time with my one daughter. I keep wondering if I can keep doing this. I want to but I just dont know. She is such a challenge. She does not want to learn. How do you teach someone who doesnt care to know. My heart is not meek and quiet its frustrated and tight. I want whats best for her. Why dont they see that sometimes. I am sure I will get over the bump but its frustrating to have one already


  2. What a blessing to have such a wonderful first day. Is your Home Economics book geared toward girls? I really want to instruct my boys in this area as well, but I don’t want to make them feel like I am treating them like girls. Trying to find something neutral.

  3. Nikki, what grade level is your daughter?? Sorry to hear you are having a hard time, maybe you need to just work on what she can do and come back in a few weeks to what is being difficult right now. Or is it in everything? I’ll pray for you!

    Kasey, this book is for girls, but you know boys could learn alot to from it. I’ll bring it along with me so you can see it. Your boys would be a great help to their wives when they grow up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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