Cleaning in the kitchen

This morning we worked on school and the
girls were diligent and were all finished by noon. While I was cleaning
up the kitchen after lunch I decided that today would be the day to
clean the stove top and the inside of the fridge.  They both were
overdue, so since not a whole was happening, I decided to tackle
them.  Now they both glisten and the stove almost sparkles. 
πŸ™‚  It sure feels good to have that done!  I was musing to
myself  while cleaning the fridge, I am glad to have a fridge to
clean, that means we have food to eat.  Something we so often take
for granted.  I even pulled the fridge out and vacuumed up the cob
webs and washed the floor. I also removed all the papers that had
collected up on the top of the fridge.  Anyway, it is now my goal
to keep the fridge clean inside and if something spills or leaves a
mess I must clean it up right away!!  For the stove, I was doing
that, but with the canning, the stove got dirty even though nothing
spilled over. Now that the canning is done for the year, I should be
able to stay on top of that now. (I hope)  So that took up the
whole afternoon, with a couple short breaks taking care of baby. 

While I was organizing the “clutter” on the outside of the fridge, I
came across some small papers I had made notes on about the cute things
the children have said.

Here are a few of them;

When Rebecca was maybe 3 at the time, one day while finishing up her lunch she exclaimed, “My legs are tired of eating!”

Another time she said,”I'm all stuffed in!”  That was also after a meal.  πŸ™‚

One day I had some errands to run, so I told the children to get their
coats and shoes on, I then told Nathaniel to go to bathroom before we
left home and he exclaimed, “I went pee yesterday!” 

I must write these down in their baby books…

Like I mention above I'm all done canning, the shelves are laden with
goods ready for the winter use.  It is so rewarding to look in the
cold storage!  πŸ™‚

Now, I hope to do some extra school type things with the girls
and  sew,  the girls  are always asking if they can sew
something, so I must make some time for that too. 

The children are slowly getting over their colds, it seems to want to hang on.  😦 

5 thoughts on “Cleaning in the kitchen

  1. I wish I could remember to take time to jot down precious little memories like that. I am such a scatter-brain I have trouble keeping up with what I am doing from moment to moment and never even stop to think about doing anything like this. I know you feel much better to have the “dirty work” done with. I had to clean my fridge when we moved because it had been terribly neglected and like you I am trying my best to keep the spills and such cleaned up right away.
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda πŸ™‚

  2. Little children say the cutest things, I think it is so sweet that you have written them down. Doesnt it feel great to get jobs like cleaning out and behind the fridge accomplished? Last week I painted my laundry room and put up a cute border, I also pulled the washer and dryer out and cleaned behind them, I found some interesting things back there;0) Enjoying your blog, God Bless! ~Krystal

  3. I just recently started to write thses down, because I knew I would just forget them.

    Your laundry room must look nice and fresh! It sure feels good when you are all done!

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