First steps

So our baby boy is walking
now!  He started about a couple of weeks ago, but is now walking
more and more.  He is so sweet to watch!  Hard to get a
picture of though, but here are a couple. 

Here he took a couple of steps and then just stood still for a few seconds.  🙂

Recently he discovered what is in the drawers in the kitchen.  I
don't mind him playing in this one, as it just contains mostly plastic
items etc…

Taking a closer look….

Children are a gift from the Lord! 

5 thoughts on “First steps

  1. Tanya~ He is such an adorable little man! I just love those little one piece suits he has on, I miss them;0)
    ~God Bless your precious family~

  2. Tanya,
    These pictures are just so special! There is nothing quite like catching the moments of the “firsts” is there.
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  3. That smile is contagious :), and I love the pictures of him in the cupboards! I have several of those sort of pictures myself ;)…

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