A first!

Yesterday, the sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing, so I decided to hang a load of laundry out on the line..   It was basically dry too, when I brought it in, so I just hung the damp clothes on my drying rack to finish drying.    That is the first time I have hung laundry out on January 2!  We usually have snow! 

Baby was delighted to be able to toddle around out on the deck while I hung the laundry up. 

2 thoughts on “A first!

  1. Isn't this such an unusual winter? So far, we too have had a warmer winter. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of rain here. Our country property doesn't have a paved lane, but rather a gravel one. As you get closer to our house the gravel runs out we're left with dirt. That dirt is now mud and since the ground is so soft, we have to park farther from the house and hoof it through soft ground a mud puddles. We expect it in the Spring, but not the Winter! Ugh!!

    Even my Mums are confused. My daughter looked out our front door today and noticed that they are starting to come up. I hope that they will come back this Spring, as I know this warm air won't last for another three months.

    I just found your blog today after visiting over at "Tammy's Recipies". I feel at home here… have learned how to can pears this evening! Thanks for sharing that, btw. 🙂 I added you on my sidebar, under "Blogs I Read".. I"m not telling you that because I expect you to add me to yours, not at all! I just want to share your blog w/my friends & visitors because I was blessed today.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

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