More before and after photos

I thought maybe you all would enjoy some more before and after pictures.    I did this at the beginning of the week and it took me longer than I first thought it would!  That is the way it usually goes. 

So here is our hutch which is in the kitchen.  It seems to be a catch all for anything that does not have a home!  Almost looks the a jungle has taken over too! 

Always looks worse before it gets better!!

Looks a lot better I think.

I store all of our puzzles in the bottom. Above are dishes and cookbooks/print papers from Tammy’s recipes, my cookbook spot is getting tight, maybe I have to many cookbooks!

Our cat (Song) was interested in what I was doing.   Just thought she looked pretty here.  She is sitting there looking pretty….

So a week has just about gone by and it still looks the same! 

5 thoughts on “More before and after photos

  1. Wow!!! That looks terrific! I bet it was worth all the time put into it, huh?

    Oh, and your cat is just beautiful!


  2. "Almost looks the a jungle has taken over too!"
    Sooo funny :). I should post a picture of Lee's "monster" aloe plant :).
    I did it! I braved thegirls room and I am amazed at what we accomplished. I took pictures but (partly in thanks to you…thank you :)!) I'm now on a decluttering kick and can't quit ). I'll post them soon.

  3. Tanya,
    It looks just gorgeous! I really like your bowls and they way you filled the one with apples.
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda ๐Ÿ™‚

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