Winter has come

This morning we woke up to the world outside being covered in ice!  It was a perfect day to stay at home and stay cozy inside.    (It did get a bit chilly in here, but still warmer then outside)  Our power was off most of the day, I was just  thankful it came on long enough for me to make everyone a warm lunch.   So we spent the day doing school, the girls at first were hoping since we had no electricity that we would have no school, but  I told them it was still a good day to do school.   I was able to catch up on some school work correcting, had a lovely time practicing piano and just doing some things with the children.

Anyway, I have really enjoyed all of the comments on my  first Blogiversary post!!  If you have not commented there, please be sure to do so!  Thanks everyone!!


I love hearing from you!!

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