4 thoughts on “Bird Watchers

  1. I love that picture!!! How sweet :), and the way Benjamin is looking up at big sister. Oh! Sooo Cute!
    (Love the snow too ;))

  2. We love to watch the birds @ our house too.
    Every morning during breakfast we enjoy seeing
    the blue jays, cardinals & red headed
    woodpeckers eating the corn that we lay out for them.

    Lately they've not been around. We're wondering if
    it's just too cold for them. The temps where we live
    have been awfully bitter. We have brought our outside
    dog inside to keep her from freezing to death. She just
    loves it too.

    Thanks for sharing your birdwatching picture… it's a
    great one.

  3. I enjoy watching the birds too. We have mostly sparrows, juncos, finches, a few mourning doves and blue jays. Cardinals have come, but not everyday. Oh, we also have downy woodpeckers too. 🙂

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