Story time

I like to have a chapter book that I read from to the children everyday.  We just finished Winter and the Moody’s by Sarah Maxwell.  The children can hardly wait until the next book comes out!  It has been a blessing, since reading the book, the girls have been having daily quiet time with the Lord.  Just blesses my heart!  They did it without me even asking them, they just started on their own.  So special.

Now we are going to be reading through the Sarah Plain and Tall series by Patricia MacLachlan.  We have read 7 chapters so far from the first book titled Sarah Plain and Tall.  Then comes Skylark and the third one is Caleb’s Story.  It is about a family living in Kansas, they had lost their mother when Caleb ws born and a woman named Sarah comes and tries to make a difference.  A sweet story.

Another story I read yesterday  which was a library book titled "Little Farm By The Sea" by Kay Chorao.  It is such a sweet little story of a family living on a farm by the sea and how the family all work together.  I had all 4 listening to it, baby enjoyed the pictures most of the time anyway.   Sometimes I wasn’t reading fast enough, he wanted to turn the pages.  Then another sweet story I read to one of my daughter was called Big Sister and Little Sister by Charlotte Zolotow.  A sweet story of two sister realizing they can both help and need each other.  Good for other sisters to read.  So I now have 2 more books I’m hoping to add to our personal library.

Anyway, that is a short list of the books we ahve been reading here lately.  I am hoping the children will have wonderful memories of the times mommy sat down and read them stories.

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