A spring like day

Last Tuesday, we had a warm spring like day!  It was wonderful!  We had the windows open in the house and after school and lunch we went for a walk to enjoy the warmer weather and hear the birds sing.

Here our two boys are ready for the walk.  I was wondering how Baby would do in the wagon, but he sat very well and quite enjoyed the ride.  Big brother had fun chatting with him too.

My big girl is ready to go…

My next big girl….

On the way home the girls had biked on ahead and then ran back to met me, they wanted to pull the wagon for a bit.  I was happy to let them, it does get heavy to pull…  As you can see we shed our coats.
Seeing them work together made me think of teamwork.
(P.s that is our house in the background)

Here the children are just enjoying playing outside.  I thought it looked rather funny to see the girls in just sweaters and yet see snow on the ground too. 

I hung laundry out on the line too, it came in smelling so fresh and like spring.  We enjoyed the two warm days we had this past week and look forward to more to come.  For now we must enjoy the cold days too.  I just remind myself that spring is on the way!!

"O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever."

4 thoughts on “A spring like day

  1. What wonderful pictures. I wish I had taken pictures from our walk I told you we were going to take that same day. No snow! It is so nice to see the road you walk! I love the picture of the kids pulling the wagon together!

  2. loved the pictures :). It reminds me of days in North Dakota when you could run around without your coat and still dig in the snow (or more likely slush by then ;)).

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