Taking a little break

Ok, just wanted to let you all know I will hopefully post again more often come May.  It has just been busy here, or in the evening I am just to tired to think about blogging.  I have had thoughts I wanted to blog about, but by evening I can’t think anymore.

About our new baby, I heard the heartbeat at my last midwife appointment!  Such a wonderful and special sound!!!  As of today, we are in week 16 & day 4.  I have been feeling much better the past couple of weeks, still tired come evening, but at least the sickness is gone.

I thought I would just share a couple pictures of some of things I have been doing.

First here is one of Baby helping mommy.  He has discovered that the dishwasher door makes a wonderful stool!  I have since taught him to use a proper stool, but if he can’t see it, down comes the dishwasher door.  Here he is helping me make a salad. 

I have also been using whatever free time I have for sewing.  My girls need dresses for summer, especially our oldest daughter.  So here are four dresses, two for each daughter.    I also have since sewen up a skirt for each girl and today I finished sewing up a jumper for  myself.

One afternoon, the girls and I had a cookie making afternoon.  S. bake a batch by herself and R. helped me make the spritz cookies and I also then made some oatmeal raisin cookies.  It was good to see the cookie jars filled again.  🙂  One thing about baking or doing anything in the kitchen with the girls, I find it can be a meek and quiet spirit robber.  😦  This likes to happen when all the children are trying to help!  Anyway, it is something, I don’t want to have.  I want my girls (and boys when they are older)  to have happy memories of baking in the kitchen with mommy.

I was also blessed to be given a book called " Welcome Home, Daddy" by Lorrie Flem.  I have been so blessed and I hope to share more about it later. 

Until next time may the Lord abundantly bless you!

O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.  Ps 107:1

6 thoughts on “Taking a little break

  1. on expecting a new blessing to your family! Those dresses you made for your dds are beautiful!! I just learned how to sew nightgowns and I am excited. What a satisfying feeling it is to provide clothes for your children.
    I've been sewing cloth diapers and mama pads, but I couldn't understand the sewing terminology on the back of patterns. My MIL helped me. I can't wait to learn to sew dresses.
    I too, find it challenging to cook or bake with my 3 children helping me at once. But, like you, I want them to remember having fun with me in the kitchen.

  2. I have WELCOME HOME DADDY on my wish list~OOOOH how WONDERFUL! PLEASE share as you learn! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. Beautiful dress. I am tired of saying "I am going to make a pretty dress for my little like Tanya" and actually do it! I know Sarah will help me…. and I would need it!

    Hope you have a wonderful time!

    Glad you heard the baby's heartbeat! Such a wonderful sound. Glad you are feeling better too!


  4. Tanya,

    I did it!!! I actually made homemade strawberry jam. We picked them yesterday and made it this morning. Fun, easy and delicious. I can't wait to make more.

    Thanks for your help and instruction and especially the inspiration to make it!


  5. Thanks for all of the comments!

    Letisha, I was so happy to read that you made jam!! Good for you!

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