I met a penpal!!

We did some traveling near the end of April.  During our trip we were able to meet some long-time penpals!!  Shelby (treasurekeeper) is faithful in leaving her comments here.  Our friendship first started out with my oldest daughter replying to an ad in Hidden Wisdom magazine, that  Shelby’s oldest daughter was asking for penpals.  Sarah wrote her first letter and I added a note to Shelby asking her if she would be interested in writing as well.  I had wanted a letter penpal and thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask her.  We were thrilled when they wrote back and Shelby then wondered if Rebecca was interested in "writing" to Tori.  Rebecca was happy to have a penpal too.  Our letters have gone back and forth now for just over 2 & 1/2 years and our friendship has blossomed from there.  The letters are always a blessing to receive.  When I told my girls about us going to meet them, their faces just beamed!!

Here is Shelby and I with our two little ones, Andrew (Shelby’s) and Benjamin (mine).

Here are the younger penpals.  We are tall….  Here is Sarah, Bri,(she is the oldest of the 4 girls), Rebecca and Tori.

Here is a picture of most of the children, just the two babies are missing.   We were treated to a trip to the zoo.  We shared a pleasant day together.  Shelby and family made us feel right at home.

A group picture. The men enjoyed chatting together too.  🙂

The morning we left, they blessed us with a sweet book and also a gift bag containing two sweet knitted baby hats, and a knitted blanket for the new baby on the way.  I was so touched!  How thoughtful of the girls.  My girls were impressed that they knew how to knit.  Knitting is something my girls have been wanting to learn.  We had a blessed time together.  I was inspired and encouraged after we left.  Shelby is a dear friend, she is a sweet person and also quiet just like me.  🙂  I’m so thankful we were able to meet.  The girls had some tears when we left.   Read Shelby’s thoughts of our visit here.  Thank you Lee and Shelby for opening up your home to us.  We enjoyed our stay!!  Precious memories!  God is good!

 A friend loveth at all times
Friends are flowers in the garden of life.

3 thoughts on “I met a penpal!!

  1. I'm so glad you had an enjoyable time here, we were very blessed by your visit :)!!! You have such a sweet family, it was so nice to be able to spend time with you all.

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