Our firstborn is 9 today!

Yes, our Sarah turned 9 years old today.  Wow, how the years have gone by since I first looked at her tiny little face.  I can still remember the joy and love that filled my heart as soon as I held her for the first time.  All the pain and tiredness from a hard labor was quickly forgotten while I gazed upon our firstborn child, a sweet little girl.  A precious gift the Lord had blessed us with.   Now my baby girl is 9 years old.  She is a happy child, her favourite animal is horses and she loves to play with her sister and brothers.  She also can be a big help to her daddy and mommy.

Our day was filled with yummy blueberry pancakes for breakfast, then the morning was spent with some chores, writing letters and doing some easy math.  Lunch was rice-noodles and a homemade white cake with a chocolate glaze.  The afternoon was spent with taking our cat to the vet for her yearly check up and a trip to the library.  A favourite place for those who love to read.  So once we got home, Sarah eagerly read to her younger sister and brother until it was time for her and Daddy to go out for supper, just the two of them.  I thought that was so special.   I think Sarah had a very enjoyable day.  She did mention to me, that it didn’t feel like her birthday, because she didn’t feel any older or different.  Rebecca over heard her telling me that, so she quickly informed Sarah, that she felt that way too on her last birthday, but after a few days you start to feel older.   Sisterly advice, so sweet to hear!   It was a rainy day here too, just like the day she was born.  We are so blessed and thankful for our sweet Sarah.


The birthday girl



3 thoughts on “Our firstborn is 9 today!

  1. Happy Birthday Sarah :)! I hope you had a lovely day. Bri has a card sitting here nearly all ready to go for you, it's just lacking a stamp…

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