Bosch and Baby

Just the other day I tried out our new Bosch.  Here I was making bread and was so delighted with the end results!  My bread always turns out, but I had fears of it not turning out when I used this machine, but I was thrilled.  Now it will be so fast to mix up a batch of bread and less mess too.  As you can see here in the picture below Benjamin was quite content to watch me make bread.  He was fascinated…..   

Just thought I would share this sweet picture of Benjamin’s naptime.  He loves to sleep with his special stuffed animals.  Here he has two bunnies, one under each arm.  I thought it was so cute. 

6 thoughts on “Bosch and Baby

  1. Adorable! My youngest daughter also loves to sleep with her Eyore stuffed animal. I have a bread machine I use, and I love it! Besides, my hubby loves having a fresh loaf of bread.

    Mama J.

  2. It just so happens that lily of the valley is my all-time favourite flower! In fact, I used silk ones in my wedding bouquet.

    Mama J.

  3. They do look so peaceful when sleeping. 🙂

    MamaJ, lily of the valley is one of my favourite flowers!

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