Pickle Making Time

Today we went to a local market and bought pickling cucumbers.  So our afternoon was filled with washing and cutting off the blossom end of the cukes.  Preparing the garlic, washing jars and then adding the ingredients we needed to make pickles.  My girls were  happy to help me too.  Makes the task pleasant when you have such willing helpers.

Here is the recipe I use…

First wash and cut of blossom end of cucumber
Fill jars with dill
1 t. brown sugar
1 T. pickling salt
Several garlic pieces
Add cukes
1/2 c. vinegar ( I use apple cider vinegar)
Fill the rest of the jar with water, place on lid and rings.

Steam can for 15 minutes.  These are crunchy and delicious pickles!  (it takes about 3 to 4 weeks before they are ready to eat.)

5 thoughts on “Pickle Making Time

  1. They look so pretty :). Lee is the only one here that eats pickles, though I think Bri would like them if she gave them a chance ;). I have heard they are one of the easiest things to can so I have toyed with the idea of making them before but I don't think even Lee likes them well enough to eat that many all alone ;).

  2. How nice to see all your pickles. And how nice that you included the recipe. I would like to try it.

    I make lots of pickles, but we always cook the brine first. We bring to boil the salt, water and vinegar, and then pour into the filled jars.

    I like your method.

    There is nothing like home made pickles. They don't even compare to what is sold in the store. last week I put up 24 quart, and our cucumber patch is doing very well, so I will be doing them again tomorrow.

    My only problem was that I didn't plant enough dill – and I've found it hard to find some. There is none for sale in the store, and I don't know anyone well enough to ask about their garden.
    I'm going to pray that God will help me find some dill this week.

    Thanks for your inspiring post.

  3. Oh, pickles are a favourite here! Our youngest could eat a whole meal of just pickles. 🙂

    Grace, did you have a chance to try the pickle recipe? I understand about finding dill, the first batch I made I was able to buy some really nice dill, this second time, the dill in the garden was ready. If you lived closer, I would have glady shared mine, I done with making pickles, but still have some dill left.

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