Ok, this afternoon I tackled my mountian of ironing and actually got everything ironed.  Now if I can just keep it that way, I’ll be happy.   It is amazing how soon you can get behind, I have been caught up before, but then one week, I don’t get it all done and before you know it, there is a mountain of ironing to do.

Do you have any secrets for keeping on top of ironing?

9 thoughts on “Ironing

  1. My secret to keeping up with ironing is…… I just dont do it! Just kidding! I dont have any advice as I too am often behind on this chore. Just wanted to let you know how good your pickles looked the other day and you have inspired me to can some for my family, thanks!

  2. I can remember my grandma ironing everything as it came out of the dryer! I aspire to do that, but like you always seem to have a basket full of ironing! My other idea- (besides my grandma's crazy ways)- is to just have your hubby do it! The other night, I was so far behind, that my hubby took pity on me and got the ironing board out and did his own ironing for me- boy did I feel like a failure!! Good Luck! Kelly

  3. LOL!! My ironing pile mostly consist of my girls dresses. Once they are old enough, I will teach them how to iron and they can iron their own clothes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ironing the same day you wash is another great idea. I'm hoping to do that, but I know it won't always happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I try to stick to wrinkle free clothing as much as possible. When I am washing something that often needs ironing by the time I get it out of the dryer I will usually just pull it out of the wet load and shake it briskly and then let it hang to air dry instead. The only clothes I really iron anymore are Lee's, and only a few of them. I probably should iron more but everyone looks decent and I just usually don't have the time! How DID our grandmothers do it ?!

  5. Here is my secret: DON'T IRON! (Hee hee). Although not possible in your case I am sure but for me, I truly don't. The only time I iron is when I am quilting. Clothes.. wrinkle free. Husband who does not wear anything needing ironed!

    Good luck though. Glad you got it all accomplished. It feels good huh?


  6. Ironically – (no pun intended:) The best way I have found to keep up on my ironing is having a teenager daughter. LOL My oldest is good about doing the ironing and does a pretty good job. We also use cloth napkins and my 10 year old irons those – (not that I really need them ironed; but it is good practice for other clothing someday)

    Perhaps you could adopt a teenager? Just joking. I would think waiting a few years for your girls to get older might be an easier solution. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great day. Jane

  7. It's in my laundry schedule. Everyday I wash something different and on Saturday I have only 2 loads so I iron on Saturday.
    Christian Love,
    MarineMama (Megan)

  8. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Once my oldest is old enough, one of her chores will be to do the ironing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have been trying to keep on top of it and so far so good.

    I do wonder how our grandmothers did it all? My grandmother ironed almost everything including undergarments!

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