Relish Making

I made relish recently using this recipe.  Sorry, I don’t have any pictures, I did take some while I was making it, but now when I look at them they are to dark.  I thought I would still share the recipe, though.

Cucumber Relish

Makes 6-7 pts

Grind through food processor
12-14 cucumbers
1 bunch celery
2 onions
2 green peppers
2 sweet red pepper

Let stand overnight

Drain and add:
2 T. salt
Mix well.  Bring to boil in large kettle:
3 c. sugar
3 c. vinegar
1 t. celery seed
1/2 t. tumeric
1 t. mustard seed

Add vegetables
 and cook 30 minutes.  Fill jars and seal.

Recipe taken from More-with-Less Cookbook.

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