Pickles and Salsa Part 1

Today was a busy, yet good day here.  We canned a batch of bread and butter pickles, plus a double recipe of salsa.  It made for a full afternoon, but it is so rewarding to see the jars sitting on the counter.  I took some pictures and have shared the recipe as well.  Enjoy!

Bread and Butter Pickles  (makes 12 pts.)

Cut into thin rings: ( I use my food processor)
30 medium cucumbers
8 medium onions

Cut in fine strips:
2 large red or green peppers

Place vegetables in large bowl or kettle
Dissolve in ice water and pour over.
1/2 c. salt

Let stand 3 hours.  Drain
Combine in large kettle:
3 c. sugar
4 c. vinegar
1.c  water
2 T. mustard seed
1 t. turmeric
1 t. whole cloves

Bring to boil.  Add drained veggies and heat to boiling point, do not boil.  Pack into jars and seal.

Here I’m slicing up the cukes, the boys had fun watching me.  They come running whenever I use any kitchen appliance that makes noise. 

Here the veggies are soaking for about 3 hours. 

Here the veggies are drained and I also have prepared the tomatoes, peppers and onions for the salsa I also made up today.

Bread and Butter pickles are now ready to be put into the jars.

Here I am stirring the salsa and a batch of bread and butter pickles are in the canner.  I look big, but it is also the apron.  It is a great apron and fits well when expecting and also does an  excellant job in covering my clothes.   (I’m at 34 weeks now)

The house has a pleasant smell of pickles and salsa….

Part 2 is coming!

4 thoughts on “Pickles and Salsa Part 1

  1. Tanya,
    When you do pickles or anything with the soaking time, like them do you have to use a certain type of bowl to have them sit in? I noticed that you used a stainless steel bowl, but is that a requierment so there is no reaction to the metal and vinegar?

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