Recent cute sayings

All from our 4 yr old son.

N (4) was on a shopping trip with his Father. While at the checkout purchasing a puzzle from our local Christian book store, the clerk mentioned that it would look very fine mounted and laminated. Upon arriving at home, our son proudly displayed his new acquisition to me, and exclaimed "We can even lemonade it!"

This was from today.  We recently purchased the book Spring with the Moody’s and so I have been reading a chapter or two everyday to the children.  This afternoon, I was reading, when one of the girls had to go and help baby brother with something.  So I stopped reading until she was back, it wasn’t long before N. asked me to turn the story back on! 

Anyway, it has been fun reading this book to the children, it worked out well, because we are expecting a baby anytime, just like the Moody’s. Not twins, mind you, but still a new blessing from God.  The children have really enjoyed our reading time. 

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