This and That

I’ve been busy and not taking much time for blogging or blog reading at that.  So this will be a post about this and that. 

Here is a sweet picture of our 2 boys reading together.  Our youngest little man has really taken to books about tractors, trucks etc…

We were at the park recently and B. really enjoyed the slide!  He went down it many times and always had such a big smile on his little face.

We also had our canoe out the same evening we were at the park, my husband, children and my dad enjoyed going out with it.  I stay on land with baby.  I just felt to big to be sitting in the canoe, as much as I enjoy canoeing.  

Now on to some things I have been busy with.  This past week, I sewed up 3 jumpers for our oldest daughter.  This pattern is so easy to use!  It is McCall 4432 and it goes up to a girl’s size 14.  There is hardly anything nice for girls sizes 10 and up.  Sorry the picture is not the greatest, but you at least can get an idea of what I was sewing.  I actually still need to hem them.  I just need to have S. try one on, and then I’ll sew the hem.  Something I’ll do tomorrow.    I feel so much better now with this done, she has grown so much, I don’t think many clothes from last winter will fit her  🙂  I’m just trying to stay busy while waiting for baby #5 to make his or her appearance.  🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I finished the canning for the summer!  I was so happy to have that done before baby comes.  Here is a picture of me @ 37 weeks + and the finished pears in the background.  It is so rewarding to see the shelves in the cold storage filled with preserves.  My girls were a big help too.  God is good!  I am hoping to can up some applesauce, but there is no rush and they can be done anytime later this fall. 

Now I’m at week 39, due date is this weekend.  I’m thinking, I "should" be holding a baby on the outside by this time next week.  I have had a baby 2 weeks early and one was 3 days late, so anything can happened.  I do know that this one is not going to be 2 weeks early! Looks like it is going to be close to the due date, either shortly before or after.   Baby seems to be quite content right now, right where he or she is.  It is just the rest of us wanting to meet this new baby, that may not be so content. 

Oh, give thanks unto the Lord for He is good!

3 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Ok I have a question about your jumpers you made. Are the Buttons hard to do. I have never made anything that required buttons and button holes, but I want to make so dresses like your jumpers so I can nurse. I have one dress/jumper like that with the buttons in the front that I bough, haven't found another, and would like to make more jumpers, but the only ones I have are without buttons and no way to nurse a baby.
    Thanks for you input!
    Christian Love

  2. Just popped in to see if you had a baby yet – Praying for you and a safe delivery!

    I will check back next week.


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