A morning with my boys

This morning I did some school with N.  He is always happy when I take the time to sit with him and do school.  Today we did a review of the letter A and B.    My older girls spent the morning with my mom, so I was able to devote my time just to the boys and baby.  I had plans of getting some other things done this morning too, but never did get to them.  How time flies by! 

Here are my two boys doing school.  🙂  B.  loves to be with his big brother, I think he felt like a big boy sitting here at the table doing his "school".    For N.’s school, we have gone through the first preschool book in the A-B-C Series which you can get from Rod and Staff.  The first book  is called Adventures with Books – learning colour and shapes.  Just today we took a trip to Pathway Publishers (Amish Bookstore) and purchsed the next preschool books in the same series.  Now we will be starting Counting with Numbers.  We finished the first book a while ago, so in the meantime, I had started to teach him the letters of the alphabet.  N. was excited and is looking forward to working in his new book. 

B. is cute!

Today we had our first snowfall, much to the children’s delight!   Here they are watching the snow come down, it was snowing quite heavy when I took the picture. It did snow enough to cover the deck, but it soon melted.   N. kept asking me if the snow would get deep!  No not yet…   He is dreaming about playing in the deep snow!!  That will come… 

As I was preparing to make lunch, I heard big brother  "reading" a story to his little brother.  I just had to take a picture.  He was telling the right story for the pictures too.  They have such a good memory.

These times are so precious!  When challenging moments arise, I must remind myself of the sweet times I do share with my dear children. 

I love hearing from you!!

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