School Time

Here are my two girl busy doing school.  This year S. is in gr 5 and we are using A Beka for everything, but math.  For math we are using School of Tomorrow. (Paces)   R. is in gr. 2 and we are using School of Tomorrow (Paces) with her.  It was a bit of an adjustment when we switched to A Beka this year, but we are liking it.  The A Beka math for gr. 5 was too hard, so I ordered gr. 5 math paces for her to do instead.  We will start using A Beak with R. in a year or two.  Anyway, school is going well.

 R. can work mostly on her own.  Last spring she was still having a difficult time with reading, but come this new school year, she was able to read.  We had joined the reading program at our local library and she advanced so much over the summer I was surprised and pleased. 🙂  It is such a big step once your child is reading! 

S. can work on her own too.  Math is her least favourite subject and science is her favourite.  When school first started her science was all about bugs, etc, so S. and her siblings would spend lots of time outside after school looking for bugs and making bug homes.  They had so much fun!

I do have a hard time keeping up with correcting the girls school work.  R.’s is easy, but keeping up with S’s can be a challenge.  If we miss a day or two then we are so far behind.  How do you do, or what woks for you??  I try to correct their work once they finish it, but sometimes I’m busy with the baby or other things.  We try to spend some time after supper correcting the mistakes, but it doesn’t always work.  Anyway, I looking forward to hearing how others do it! 

Our girls busy at school.  Our dining room looks like a school room.  🙂

3 thoughts on “School Time

  1. My children use A beka as well. This is our first year of home school. My oldest dd is in grade 3 and my ds is in k4. I use the nursery for 2 yo for the baby. I grade the papers as soon as she is done, because it is fresh in her mind and she can really get an understanding as to why she made the mistakes.
    Sometimes this can be a challenge and I can only imagine what a challenge it may be for you with 2 more littles one than I have. But that is what works for us.

  2. I was considering A Beka for my girls. They're not ready yet, but I guess it never hurts to look ahead. It must be so excited to watch your children learn every day, and know you're the one doing it. God bless.

    Mama J.

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