Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Ok I thought of a kitchen tip to share with Tammy’s Kitchen Tip Tuesdays.

I always buy my oil in the large tins or jugs, but I store a smaller bottle for daily use.   To keep the cupboard clean, I store my oil bottle in an unused lid with a paper towel in it to absorb the excess oil.  That way the cupboard stays oil free and clean.   Now there’s my tip for the day!  

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4 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

  1. we live in Taiwan and do mainly stir fry. I think the huge bottles take up too much room on my counter. Now you have given me some ideas…..thanks…

  2. Great idea! We also buy large containers of oil. I'll have to consider doing that as well. Can I be nosy and ask what that is to the left in the jar? 🙂 With blue peeking out as us?

  3. Pam, it's a brush and I use it for oiling my baking pans etc… I'll have to post that on my next kitchen tip. 🙂

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