Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven Challenge is here. 

1) Refresh your spirit. 

This morning i spent a short, but precious time in God’s Word and prayer.  Then while I was waiting for my appt. this afternoon, I read from Passionate Housewives Desperate For God.  I was again blessed and encouraged.  It was good reading, I would share some of what I read, but I have my baby here in my arms and typing with one hand is rather slow! 

2) Tackle Your Morning Routine.

I would like my morning routine to consist of:

1. Myself dressed and hair done
2. Prepare breakfast
3. comb girls hair
4. little ones dressed
5. check up on chores
6. Quiet time and make a basic plan for the day

3) Take time to plan.

1. school
2. 10 minute living room clean up
3. put away all clean laundry – just a few items are still needing to be put away.
4. start this week’s laundry washing
5. chiropractor appt.
6. mail letters

4) What’s for Lunch!

Today we had a simple lunch of spaghettini and sauce, peas and a salad. 

5) Do something! (10 minutes)

"Since we tackled our entryway/coat closet last week, we’re moving on to our living rooms today. Light a candle, put on your apron, turn on some uplifting music, and then set the timer for ten minutes and get busy cleaning your living room! Start by putting throwing out trash, putting away misplaced items, and straightening up things. If you have time, do a quick dust and vacuum of the room."

All done!  I turned on the timer and went to work, I only spent about 7 minutes in the livingroom, because my mom stopped in for a few mintues.     Living room looks much better, maybe tomorrow, I can assign the dusting to one of my little helpers. 

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

  1. I love reading your postings on Mondays. I so need to develop a schedule and stick to it my life would certainly be alot less stressful:0) Perhaps I will work on it today and post it later, thanks for the inspiration!
    ~God Bless~

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