The apron is heading off to….

….. Krystal!!! 
Krystal’s blog

Congratulations and I hope you will enjoy it!  I’ll be sending it off once I have the needed info.

Here is what she shared in her comment….

Happy Anniversary! It doesnt seem possible that an entire year has gone by. Wow time is flying! I have just a tidbit about an apron not really a story. I have an apron that my Grandmother made me to wear when I would help her in the kitchen, canning, butchering chickens and other things. It had gotten away from me as I grew older and a couple of months ago I was helping my Mom clear out clutter I found it and brought it home and put it with my other aprons. I knew there was no way I could wear it but it was so nice to see it again. I was working busily in the kitchen one day and my DD 8yold wanted to help and I wasnt really paying attention to her and I said yes. I turned around and she was tying on this apron and it just hit how the years pass so quickly. It seemed like yesterday I was wearing the apron,probably the same age with my Grandma. She has since passed and we all miss her dearly, she was just perfect in my eyes. Anyway it was really sweet to see my daughter in it and it reminded me once again to stop and cherish these precious moments we have with our loved ones. Well I guess that did turn into a story,sorry :0)
~God Bless

I was blessed by reading all of the your encouraging comments too. 
  Thanks again everyone! 

May the Lord abundantly bless and keep each one of you today and always.

5 thoughts on “The apron is heading off to….

  1. I love hearing people like Kyrstal win prizes and the sweet memories they will make in their aprons! I too cannot believe a year has gone by so quickly! Glad you have this space to share your family and talent with us.

    Hey, I thought you guys always had a lot of snow up there. At any rate, we are loving our little snow and praying for the 6" they are expecting to actually come our way!

  2. Hello! This is Diane (aka mamalone from TT2)… I just stopped by and couldn't leave without saying hello:-)

    What a sweet little blog you have here!

  3. We do usually have more snow, but so far this month snow has been very little, but my husband says winter has just started! 🙂

    Diana, thanks for leaving a comment!

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