Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

1) Refresh your spirit.
Had a few refreshing moments in God’s Word and in prayer.  I was also blessed by our hymn for the month that we sang this mornging during family worship.  You can read about our hymn of the month
and some of my short thoughts here.

2) Tackle Your Morning Routine.
I would like my morning routine to consist of:

1. Myself dressed and hair done
2. Prepare breakfast
3. comb girls hair
4. little ones dressed
5. check up on chores
6. Quiet time and make a basic plan for the day

3) Take time to plan.
1. school   – just need to help S. with some math
2. Fold laundry
3. tidy kitchen
4. chiro appt.
5 preschool with N.
6. wash floor
7. wash a couple loads of laundry  Yes, I got a couple loads of laundry done, but not what I first was planning for today!  I have a third load washing right now. 
8. bathroom
9. just a reminder to enjoy my family today!!  The most important thing on my list! 

4) Do something! (10 minutes)

For those of you who have been following along with this series a bit longer:
Today I encourage you to focus on cleaning your bathrooms. We’ll be using baking soda and Basic H to scrub them from top to bottom. We’ll also be washing the rugs, changing the towels, refilling the hand soap dispensers, and making sure there is plenty of toilet paper and other supplies.

Ok, I cleaned the bathroom and washed all the towels.  I now need to go and take the towels out of the dryer and vacuum the bathroom floor and whatever cobwebs are in the corners.  I’ll be back to update the rest of my list and maybe a post a picture later this evening.

Ok, now it is evening and children are all tucked into bed. 

I finished up the bathroom and took a couple of pictures.  So here is our main bathroom all clean and tidy.  This bathroom has been "under construction" for many years, we just painted it and put a new floor down last December.  They are still some things waiting to be finished, but I’m quite happy we have gotten this far finally!!

Here I’m washing up the dishes that didn’t fit into the dishwasher and you will also noticed my little helper is right there helping me.

Over all it was a good day!  God is good!  Today Crystal also mentioned she will be having a "Clear out the Clutter Challenge.  I’m looking forward to that!  I just mentioned to my husband yesterday, that I need to go through our house room by room and declutter.  I think I’ll wait until Crystal does her challenge, so that I can stay accountable and be encourgaed as I go along. 

  Blessings to all of you as you make your home a haven for your dear loved ones. 

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven Challenge

  1. I've enjoyed reading your Making Your Home a Haven Challenge posts! That is a beautiful picture you used in this post :)!

  2. Just stopped by (I am the one who commented a while back about having the same number of kids in the same order ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I hope your day continues to go well. We are having a pretty good day here, too. I am trying to be more disciplined with my own routines and shifting some things around… So far so good!


  3. I notice that you also go to a chiropractor. Aren't they great?!!

    I had to change the one I had. He was draining us of our money! Did not accept insurance, and then would not hand out receipts so we could get our money from our health insurance! Dropped the chiro after 18 months. And he was a so-called christian!

    Now we go to another chiro, who accepts health insurance. And he does a better job. And we 're there longer than 5 mins! I know more about my current chiro than my former one, and I've only been going to him for less than a year!

    AND I don't have to go every week. We go every 4-6 weeks. Actually my next appt is for 8 weeks. I'm proud to say I have not had a cold in almost a year. While I went to my other chiro I was sick every few months.

    I pray your chiro takes the needed time w/you and doesn't drain you of your money!

    PS: Altho my current chiro is not a christian, I still like him MORE than my former. And my current one I feel actually cares more about me and my health.

    LOVE your blog btw, so neat to read other people's happenings.

  4. Shelby, good to hear from you again!! Thanks to Crystal for the lovely picture. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have enjoyed all the pictures she has chosen so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Krista, hope you had a great day too. Lately, if you take a look at my fridge it is full of lists! LOL

    Mama J, I'll check the tag! ๐Ÿ™‚ They can be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anon, we have a wonderful chiro! ๐Ÿ™‚ No complaints there. Thanks for commenting!

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