Kitchen Tip Tuesdays – Bread Baking

Here’s a kitchen tip to share with Tammy’s Kitchen Tip Tuesdays. 

To keep the homamade bread crusts soft;  leave them in the loaf pan for a few minutes while they cool.  Also butter the top of your bread with a bit of butter. Do this as soon as you have taken the bread out of the oven.  You can use a brush to butter the hot bread.  The bread then stays soft!  Delicious!!  My mom shared this tip with me and I recently start to do it.  I really am happy with the results! 

Please visit Tammy’s recipes for more tips! 

Have a blessed day and treasure your loved ones!

13 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip Tuesdays – Bread Baking

  1. Your bread looks awesome! I got my apron yesterday and I love it, you do such beautiful work and the card was so sweet, thank you so much!
    God Bless!

  2. oh delicious! Okay, questions as always… is this one batch? How long does this amount of bread last you with your family size, the same as mine? Whenever I made bread it is gone in seconds probably why I don't make it for sandwiches and such. But you do right?

    Beautiful bread. Love the picture of the boys reading to their little sister! Precious.


  3. Yes, that is one batch, it lasts about a week or less if we have company. πŸ™‚

    I just might have to bake bread again this week, we almost ate one loaf last night at supper, it just came out of the oven and it was so good!

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

  4. I love home made bread! I must admit, though, I cheat and use a bread machine. It's not my favourite method because the loaves come out in a funny shape, and it's hard to cut with the hole left when I take out the mixing paddle. I make a loaf usually for when we are entertaining students at our home once a week for a worship night. I used to have the hang of oven loaves from scrath, but I never can seem to get the time now. Or I have the time, but I always forget to check it after rising!

    Mama J

  5. Your bread looks so nice I can almost smell it. πŸ™‚ We make all our own bread, too. It's usually long skinny sourdough loaves since we rarely eat sandwiches.


  6. Mama J, bread from machine still tastes good. I've not ever had one, but my mom use to use one for a while. Baking bread smells so good!

    Krista, I've not made sourdough bread.

    Thanks again for commenting!

  7. That's what we do, too. Sometimes I really like 100% whole wheat, but I think our family likes the texture best with some white mixed in. πŸ™‚


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