Brotherly Love Plus

It is so sweet to see my boys adore each other.   They love to be with each other all the time and it is so cute to hear B, calling for his brother to come and play with him.  Actually today was the first time he started to call his older brother to come play, he has a cute way of saying big brother’s name.   Something like "onno" 

Recently I was getting K. ready to go outside and thought she looked so sweet with her little bonnet on.  She is a sweetheart!!

5 thoughts on “Brotherly Love Plus

  1. I love bonnets. I had some for my girls when they were babies too. I also love the bib! My girls are starting to get really close too. I recently separated them for a night, and they just didn't know what to do with themselves! It's so adorable.

    Mama J.

  2. I love to see my kids getting along and being good to each other. Your children are all precious. (!) It looks like you had a nice day sledding. I loved sledding when I was a little girl. (I lived in Illinois then)

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