Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven – Spring cleaning- Kitchen

Today Crystal challenged us all to start our spring cleaning!!   I didn’t read this until after supper.  I had checked in this morning and earlier in the afternoon and Crystal had not yet posted for Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven.  So I thought maybe she was going to not post one for today.  Anyway, I had a late start and I only did half of the kitchen, but it is a good start, I think!  I’ll finish it up sometime this week and post about it so that I can stay accountable.    Anyway, I headed to the kitchen and set to work.  Supper still needed to be cleared away, which my little helpers help with that.  Our baby girl was content and happy to sit in her carriage, while I worked away.  Actually, her papa came by and picked her up after a while, which she didn’t mind at all.

I organized the this cupboard a bit, things from the top shelf often came tumbling down when you opened the door, so I thought it was time to declutter!  I now have a bag to drop off at the second hand store.

Much better!

This side done, cupboards are wiped, sink was given a good cleaning, dishwasher wiped down, and window washed.  (just on the inside, to cold to go out and wash the outside)
Yes, you do see a dish drainer stacked full with clean dishes. 

So hopefully tomorrow I can tackle the other half and then wash the floor.

   Blessings to you as you begin your spring cleaning!!

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven – Spring cleaning- Kitchen

  1. I never thought of that, Martha. I guess we did tackle the same cupbaord!! Great minds think alike, they say. 🙂

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