Winter Morning Pictures

Just thought I would share a few pictures I took this morning before breakfast. 
It was such a beautiful morning!!


3 thoughts on “Winter Morning Pictures

  1. We had a huge dumping of snow here too. I'm not so great at taking pictures, though. I'm beginning to feel like we'll never be able to see beyond our driveway! But today the sun was shining bright! I'm looking forward to being able to pop outdoors for small time segments during the day with the kids.

    Mama J.

  2. We have had unusual weather here, too, but not much snow. The past three days it was so clear and sunny that I was able to hang laundry on the line. But I just got it in this afternoon before it started raining. Enjoy your beautiful snow! 🙂


  3. Yes, it will be nice to be able to go outside without bundling up first! Spring is not far away!

    Joy, I'm looking forward to hanging clothes out on the line again!

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