Kitchen Tip Tuesdays – Dishwasher question

Good morning!  Today with Tammy’s Kitchen Tip Tuesdays we are given the  privilege to ask a question instead of the usual share a tip.  So my question is this….

How do you keep your knives, forks and spoons looking nice when using a dishwasher??
They always look "dirty", not scratched but spotted and not with water spots either. 

We have had a dishwasher for a about 4 years, I think.  I have really enjoyed having one, but am not so happy when it comes to how my silverware looks!  Any tips or ideas on what has work well for you??  Please share!   Thanks!! 

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12 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip Tuesdays – Dishwasher question

  1. I have always had a dishwasher and my silverware has never looked spotty. That is weird. One tip I heard long ago was to put a variety of utensils in each compartment. If you put all the spoons together they tend to stick together and don't get as clean. That's about all I know… sorry!

  2. I don't have that problem, either. Is your silverware high-quality stainless steel? I have nice silverware that my grandmother gave me for our wedding and it has never been problematic.

  3. do you use a rinse aid. I find that if I do not my silverware are spotted and not as clean, also it does help to seperate by spoon, forks, knives, ect.

  4. Yes, we have good quality stainless steel silverware. I'm thinking maybe it is the soap. I'm at the moment using the Kirkland (Costco brand) powder dishwasher soap and it it much worse. So I'm going to go back to Cascade.


  5. Some of my silverware does this too!

    My cheaper ones are worse about this, so I just thought it was because they were cheap,lol.

    I have noticed that my knives and metal ice cream scoops are nearly a disaster in the DW, so I try to hand wash them or wash them again with soap if they accidently get stuck in the DW. If I don't, they leave a black powder like substance on food, I assume a consequence of the bleach in the DW powder.

    Thanks for the question! I am intereseted in all the other answers you get!

  6. My first thought was the detergent. Make sure to ONLY use powder. Liquid detergent will clog the pipes (you'd think the opposite). My 2nd second cousin owned an appliance store, and repaired all our appliances growing up.

    We also put our silverware pointing down. Forks down, knives, spoons. All knives except steak knives.

    And as another poster said put a variety of silverware in the silverware thing. HTH!

  7. Hi, I'm Mom2fur of (not anonymous, LOL!) and I have two ideas. One is to alternate the way you put the cutlery in each section of the holder-that is, alternate some forks up and some forks down. Same with everything else–except knives, which would be dangerous. Make sure that spoons don't nest against each other–I try to be sure they are 'back-to-back.' Nesting keeps the water from rinsing them nicely.
    And my other idea is to put some white vinegar in the rinse-aid holder. I have heard that Jet-Dri is mostly white vinegar, so why pay for it, LOL? I just splash some in there. I think it makes the dishes, etc., dry better. That might prevent spots on your cutlery!
    Good luck!

  8. I use Costco powdered stuff, my thought was that you are maybe using too much detergent. I never wash my knives in the dishwasher either. A repair man told us that 1 T of detergent is enough and keeps your dishwasher running longer.
    I have never noticed spotty silverware.

  9. I add vinegar every time I use the dishwasher. Not only does it help with my silverware, it keeps spots off the glasses too! I've tried rinse agents, but they seem to leave a residue as well, and nothing has worked as well as plain old white vinegar so far.

    Mama J.

  10. Thanks for the tips!! I wish I could show what I'm talking about in a picture, but it doesn't show up well. Anyway, I'll keep experimenting and see if I can figure what is causing my utensils to look this way.

    I'm getting low on the Kirkland brand, so I bought Cascade and will see if that makes a difference, also I will try vinegar too.

    Again thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

  11. In addition to all the wonderful advice you've already received, make sure not to overload the silverware compartment. I know that when I do that, I usually end up with less than satisfactory results.

  12. I was again looking at my utensils this evening, my sister in law was here and I was asking her what she thought and I showed it to her too. She thought maybe it is our water. I also noticed that it is some kind of film, it will wash off when I wash the untensils by hand.

    So maybe that is what it is….. I don't know! 🙂

    Again thanks to everyone for leaving your thoughts!

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