Yet Another Working in the Kitchen Post

I was busy making lunch here and as usual my littlest helper was following me where ever I went in the kitchen with his chair.  While I was preparing these broiled stuffed pepper wedges. I gave him the job of placing the olives on top.  I told him each pepper slice needed two olive slices and he did quite well with that.  I was impressed.      Please excuse the cluttered kitchen! 

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Working in the Kitchen Post

  1. Tanya, don't worry about your clutter! Even your "messy" pictures often look pretty clean! LOL I can see the care you put into your home, and you must enjoy keeping things tidy. I need to take some lessons from you!!


  2. About wanting a clean house, I think maybe about it to much at times, we have a home business, so sometimes people drop in unexpected and I always feel so embarrassed after they leave! So I would like a tidy home, but one that is enjoyed and not just for show. Anyway, we are along way from our home looking like it is just for show only! LOL 🙂 But being clean and tidy is good….

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