Making Your Home a Haven Monday – Getting Your Home Back in Order

Today Crystal’s  Making Your Home a Haven Monday really fit into what I was hoping to accomplish today.  After a busy weekend, which included pleasant fellowship with family (which included cousins) on Sabbath and then a sewing/cookie making bee yesterday, our home was in need of getting back into order.  So that is what we just finished.  We did school this morning and then this afternoon we set to work in getting the house back into our little haven. 

A list of what we were able to accomplish in less than 2 hours

tidy family room
vacuum family room
tidy main level – that consist of living room, dining room, kitchen and entryway.
vacuum main level
change sheets on girl’s beds
tidy bedrooms
quick wipe down in bathroom

Upstairs needs vacuuming, but we will wait until baby is up from nap.  I will use that as an excuse to rest for a few minutes.    I just need to fold some laundry that I didn’t get folded last Friday. 

It feels good to look around and see a tidy home and not a cluttered mess.  We are a family of 7, so it is not spic and span, but it looks neat, tidy and well, how should I say "well lived in?!!" 

Ok, baby is awake, so I should have one of my little helpers vacuum upstairs and the rest of us will tackle the clean laundry pile! 

I jsut wanted to add, while we worked we enjoyed listening to a new Cd we purchased recently called Chords of Love by Nina Hall.  Nina plays lovely music on the harp.  We have really enjoyed it since it arrived in the mail last week.  Also we all have a lovely cup of tea and cookies after our work was done. 

Blessings to you as you make your home a haven!!

4 thoughts on “Making Your Home a Haven Monday – Getting Your Home Back in Order

  1. I dont' know how you manage to stay so organized! I only have two little ones to watch and clean up the house, and I feel like I'm never done my to-do list! Glad to hear you had a great Easter Weekend. God bless,

    Mama J.

  2. Well, I never did get that laundry fold or the upstairs vacuumed! My dh needed to go over to my parents for a bit so we all went along. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is always tomorrow, so that is one thing I'll need to to today. ๐Ÿ™‚Edited by Lilyofthevalley4 on Mar. 25, 2008 at 6:32 AM

  3. Hehe, sounds like my normal day. I'm beginning to think I'm great at starting things, not so great at finishing them. I finally managed to post some photos of that quilt I was working on.

    Mama J.

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