Kitchen Tip Tuesdays- Cleaning of the Table

    My tip for the day!   

Here is a small tip for when cleaning off the table after a meal. I started to do this when I was young and found it really helped and saved steps.  Now I’m teaching it to my children, my little helpers.  

Organize the table’s contents by category, like place all the fridge items together, then the pantry items and then stack the dirty dishes together.  Once that is done, you can start putting things away by category and before you know it, you are finished!  This way the children can see that it really is not a whole lot of work to clean the table off and they can also carry two items, if not to big, since they need to go in the same place.  

Also another thing we do here too.  After each child is done, they take their own dishes to the counter. 

Anyway, I have found that helpful and hope this helps you in some way too.

 Please check out Tammy’s Recipes for more kitchen tips!

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip Tuesdays- Cleaning of the Table

  1. I get my kids to put their dishes on the counter after they're finished each meal, but I honestly never thought to get them carrying other items away as well. Excellent, I'll have to try that tonight.

    Mama J.

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