Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven – Kitchen Cupboards

Well, for today’s Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven, Crystal suggested  cleaning and organizing the inside of the kitchen cupboards.   I did managed to wipe down 3 cupboards amd over half of my pantry.  I also took a few pictures, but I’m having some computer troubles, so I may have to add them in tomorrow. 

We had a full day, which consisted of school, 2 loads of laundry, sewing, cutting out blouses for the girls, a lovely walk and some kitchen cupboard cleaning.  We also enjoyed a beautiful (weatherwise) day too!  Today is the first day, I could use the clothesline for drying the clothes.  It felt so good to be outside hanging up the laundry.  The children had great fun playing out in the warm sunshine too.

God is good!!

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Making Your Home a Haven – Kitchen Cupboards

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you would mind emailing me. I tried to email you and it wouldn't work.
    my blog is lightbearer. Thank you!!

  2. I miss a clothesline! Our first apartment was a basement one, with no laundry. Our second was in a building. Our third, we had one that broke. This current house we're renting is in a new subdivision, and there's some insanely illogical by-law prohibiting the use of clotheslines. Something about it looking too messy. I'm wondering why a city that encourages environmental awareness bans clotheslines. We had gorgeous weather here for a while as well. It's rainy today, and is supposed to be for the next three days, but the rain is good too. At least it's not snow! God bless,

    Mama J.

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