Making Your Home a Haven Monday: Anti-Procrastination Day

Today’s challenge with Crystal was to tackle any job you have be procrastinating on.  Another great challenge to go along with my usual Monday work.    In my sewing department, I had 2 rompers for my toddler, 1 jumper for my baby girl and another one for a friend’s baby and that needed to be finished on them was buttonholes made and buttons then sewn on.  Such a simple job, but they have been waiting for a number of weeks now…    So right after lunch and baby was down for her afternoon nap, that is what I tackled!  All went well and they are now hanging on hangers!!  I have other jobs that need to be tackled, but those will have to wait for another day.  I did have dreams of tackling some of them today, too,  but there is only so much one can do in a day, without neglecting the most important. 


3 thoughts on “Making Your Home a Haven Monday: Anti-Procrastination Day

  1. I have decided that all my "procrastination" jobs will get done soon enough, as we'll be moving in two months time anyway. So as I gradually pack up and move over our things, I will get to the bulk of those jobs, most of which consist of getting rid of excess stuff anyway. It's always great when the warmer weather comes, that's when I feel the most motivated to do my undone jobs! Your baby must be getting so big now. They grow up so fast.

    Mama J.

  2. Yes, moving is a good time to do that! Lord willing we will be moving later this year, so in I hope to get of excess then too. 🙂

    Yes, baby is getting bigger. She is 6 months now and such a sweetie. I'll be posting pics soon. My computer has gone on the blink, so I have to use my husbands. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post some pictures. 🙂

    Anyway, it is a good feeling to get something done, that have been on the to do list for a while. 🙂

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