Making Your Home a Haven Monday – Clear Out the Clutter Challenge

Today’s challenge is to make a start at "clearing out the clutter".  This week from today until Thursday I hope to join in on Crystal’s "Clear out the Clutter" challenge.  After the week is up, it should be rewarding to see an improvement around here. 

So for today, I tackled our closet in the entryway.  We have only one closet for jackets and things, so I like to put away the coats and snow pants etc…  that are not being used during whichever season we are in.  Since spring has come, I pulled out all the winter coats and snow pants, washed what needed to be washed and then packed them away.  Also since I was already working in the closet, I vacuumed the floor and shelves for the shoes and stored away the winter boots.   Now we have some space in the closet.   So this was a getting rid of the winter clutter job! 

Another thing we decluttered today was the girl’s room. We were able to fill a large bag full of garbage!  All I can say is their room looks so much better!  I just need to help encourage them straighten up their dresser, desk and bookshelf.  

   Anyway, this is my start with  Clear the Clutter Challenge.

I love hearing from you!!

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