Making Your Home a Haven Monday: Refresher Series

For Making my Home a Haven Monday with Crystal, I tackled the kitchen.  It was very cluttered, so I went to work and loaded the dishwasher, washed the extra dishes, wiped down all the counters and the stove and put everything else in its place.   Now it looks so much better!  It is amazing how rewarding it can be to stand back and admire a clean and tidy kitchen. 

My day was also filled with laundry (perfect day for drying laundry out on the line!),  some school with my oldest daughter and a bit more tidy up around the house.  Our home always seems to need a general tidy up after the weekend.  The children helped with that.  

Anyway, now I’m off to do some much needed vacuuming and then get supper on the table. 

  Blessings to you as you make your home a haven for you and your family.  

God bless!!

2 thoughts on “Making Your Home a Haven Monday: Refresher Series

  1. Oh how I miss having a clothes line! We have a bylaw that prevents one from putting one up in our subdivision. Thankfully, that will be changing, since everyone is concerned for the environment. It didnt' really make sense to tell people to use their dryers MORE! The kitchen is one place I have to tackle as well! I always thought the perfect home had a warm and welcoming kitchen.

    Mama J.

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