Funny Sleeping Places

Today, just after lunch, I had taken a few minutes to sit down here at the computer.  When I went back upstairs, I found B. sleeping on the mat in the entry way!  Not the most comfortable place to sleep, but there he was sound asleep!    No, I didn’t leave him there, I put a comforter on the floor in the living room and picked him up and laid him down there.  He hardly even opened his eyes, he was so tired.

Here is another place he had fallen asleep about a month ago. 

We are also on week two with potty training, not completely accident free, but it is getting better, except for the #2 part.  I know that will come. 

7 thoughts on “Funny Sleeping Places

  1. I remember my kids falling asleep in the oddest places, it was so funny. Great pictures to share, especially when he gets a little older. LOL


  2. I have one that falls asleep on the stairs. How? I will never know. How old is B? Good luck with the potty training. I am thinking of starting it with one of mine but who boy it is work.


  3. B. has fallen asleep while eating supper too. 🙂 I have a few of those pics. I do remember a falling asleep on the stairs picture too, I should go and look for it. 🙂

    Letisha, B. is 2 1/2. He actually took himself to the potty today twice! That is great, I hope we keep making progress, I know the #2 issue will come too.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

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