Just a Garden Update

This morning the children and I, minus baby (she was having her morning nap) went over to the garden and did some weeding.  The garden is looking really good and the weeds are pretty much under control.      Next week I hope to plant some more corn, I wanted some to be ready at a later date, so that we don’t have to eat/freeze it all at once.  There is also a bit more space where some squash didn’t come up, so maybe I can still plant some more squash and use up all the space.  It will be fun once harvest time comes, but for now we will be kept busy keeping the weeds under control and watching the garden grow.   

The girls and a barn kitten we named Blackberry.

R. and Blackberry

7 thoughts on “Just a Garden Update

  1. Oh, your garden is so nice! I have a garden, but its quite small, Im afraid. I dont have the acrage, although I pray some day that the Lord will allow that. I have a beautiful flower garden & I do grow tomatoes, parsley, basil, chives, radicchio & arugula & rosemary. Your garden is splendid!

    The sleeping positions are just precious. I love moments like these. Your daughters are just beautiful! how blessed you are!

    Rejoicing in Him, PatriziaEdited by patrizia on Jun. 22, 2008 at 12:06 AM

  2. It looks like fun :).
    Sarah has such a young lady look in the picture you posted of her, not so much a little girl anymore. I know this next season of life is going to be just as sweet as the last but it seems so sad that they have to grown up so fast :(.

  3. I know just what you mean, Shelby! I almost can't believe she will be 10 next month, my "baby" girl is growing up.

  4. Cute children!! And love the little black kitten.

    Can I ask a gardening question? I've only planted flower gardens, so I'm not an expert of veggie gardens. But my grandfather had his own garden and sold his veggies (that they didn't consume) at his little "country store". He has since passed on.

    How do you keep the animals (rabbits squirrels etc) from eating the plants, seeds etc? I've had squirrels eat my bulbs before.

  5. About keeping animals out of the garden, so far we have not had a problem, so I really don't have any advice. Sorry!

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