Making Your Home a Haven Monday

Making Your Home a Haven Monday: Refresher Series #3  with Crystal at Biblical Womanhood. 

For today’s list we have:

1. tidy up kitchen
2. tidy up diningroom
3. tidy up living room
4. a load of darks – laundry
5. strawberry picking

As I am typing this out, the children are busy upstairs doing the first 3 chores on the list for today.  The laundry is in the washing machine and as soon as it is done, I’ll hang it out on the line.  Then we are off to pick strawberries!  We are suppose to be getting more rain today, so hopefully we can get the laundry dried and the berries pick before that comes, so far it is sunny. 

I’ll update as the day goes along. 


Update 10:52a.m. first 3 chores on the list done, thanks to 3 little helpers.  Now I’m just waiting for the laundry to finish washing, it is almost done.


Update 11:08a.m. laundry is out on the line…So strawberry picking here we come!    We will be picking at a local you-pick farm.  The children can hardly wait!!


update 12:41p.m.  We picked 6 baskets of strawberries, we just got home and it is raining hard.  The children were good pickers, our oldest son (5) had the first full basket. 
I’m off to prepare lunch and I think I’ll turn some strawberries into jam this afternoon.    I’ll be back later with some pics of the day here.


Last update for the day, I just posted pictures in a new post.   Please click here!

3 thoughts on “Making Your Home a Haven Monday

  1. I would love to go strawberry picking, that sounds like so much fun. I have never canned before. Is it easy? What all do you need? My family loves strawberry jam, do you have a recipe?

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