Last Tuesday, I had taken some new garden pictures.  I meant to post them, but then with the excitement of the new house, I didn’t get to it, so here are a few now.  I will take new ones this week, things have grown so much since just last week.  I’ll show each section too.  We are all quite happy with how the gardening is growing. 

Far left to right –  tomatos, leeks, yellow beans, green beans and potatoes.
Children weeding the corn…   So far left is where the first patch of tomatos, leeks, beans, potatoes, flowers, onions, flowers and peppers, corn and then peas.

Front of garden by first patch of tomatos.

S. heard some squeaking, so she went to see what Dana (my parent’s dog) had found, she thought is was just a mouse, but then she saw this baby bunny.  Much to the children’s dismay, Dana quickly "took care" of the remaining baby bunnies. 

4 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Your garden looks great. I'm sorry about the bunnies.

    I hope you had a great anniversary. What a blessing 11 years!

  2. Thank you. 🙂 We did, we didn't really do anything special, but we are happy to be together and that is what counts. We may take a little outing just the two of us and baby sometime soon. 🙂

    Yes, the children were pretty upset with Dana. 😦 They even said "I don't ever want a dog", but I don't think those thoughts lasted to long. I remember feeling pretty sad about those kinds of things too, when I was a child. Just a part of life….

  3. Wow, I knew cats did what Dana did, didn't know a dog did. How sad!

    Congrats on the anniversary!! Any anniversary pics of the two of you together?

  4. Yes, dogs do it too… 😦

    Sorry, we did take any pics of the two of us together… I'll have to get one of us soon.

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