Making Your Home a Haven Monday – Refresher Series

Making Your Home a Haven – Refresher Series – Tackling the Bathrooms!
Our list for today
1. clean livingroom – includes under couches etc..
2. tidy kitchen
3. wash floors
4. couple loads of laundry – one done and mostly folded, the other in the washer
5. fold remaing clean laundry from last week
6. quick clean up of upstairs bathroom

So far today, the girls are I did get the livingroom done.  We dusted, pulled out the items from under the couches and chair, tidied up the bookcases and put everything in its place.  It looks so much better!  Now I with the children’s help we should be able to get the other "to do’s" done this afternoon.


Afternoon update:

I asked S. (our oldest daughter) what she wanted to do on the list, she chose, vacuum and wash floors.  So I cleaned up the kitchen, folded laundry and did a quick celan up in the bathroom.   N. (oldest son) did want to fold laundry, so I sent him up to my room to do it, but he ended up just playing around with his brother, so no laundry got folded.  Once I went up, I had to send him on his way.  S. is now wasing the floors.  It is looking much better around here. 


Evening update:

All done! 

Sorry no pics today….

2 thoughts on “Making Your Home a Haven Monday – Refresher Series

  1. It is so nice to have a list of things to do. When there is no list, many things are forgotten to do, and are added to the next days work, instead of making light work. I do enjoy having a peacefully clean home, yet of course messy enough to live in. The home is a wonderful haven, and I am thankful to God for calling us to homeschool – it has brought our family closer as well as made our home an enjoyable place to be.

    Happy eleventh anniversary!

    Miss Emily Rose

  2. Yes, list are helpful and I do enjoy seeing everything crossed off. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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