Cute Little Ones

Here are two really cute pics in my opinion… 

 Our toddler, he is 33 months old and he has such a sweet smile. 

Here is our sweet baby girl enjoying her first watermelon.  She was thrilled when her daddy gave it to her. 

~ Our two youngest ones ~

5 thoughts on “Cute Little Ones

  1. They are so cute. Your youngest one has so much hair. All my sweet babies were bald until they were a year old. Those are definitely cute pictures of your sweet children. Blessings Delilah

  2. I love the pictures! She really did seem to be enjoying that watermelon ๐Ÿ™‚ it's almost like a natural candy! I didn't realize that your son and mine were born the same month? Oct right? Neat.

    Your house is coming along very nicely.

    I miss bicycling! Our little one isn't going to be strong enough for a while to sit up in a seat or in the trailer but maybe next year.

  3. Adorable pictures :)!
    What a precious smile your little guy has and I think little girl liked her watermelon :)!

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