House Building Update #6 :)

At last another house building update!  Progress is being made…

Welcome to our humble abode!  :0 (another front door shot…)

The livingroom….

Kitchen etc…

Back view of house….

Just showing some framed walls….

Upstairs floor joists were placed in today.  The framers are hoping to be ready to put on the trusses next week.

It is exciting to see new things done everyday.  I need to get a better pic of the front of our new house. 

14 thoughts on “House Building Update #6 :)

  1. The progress is amazing!! I know your family is getting really excited as they see their house come together. I can't wait to see it when it is done.

  2. Wow, it looks like it's just flying along! I'm so glad for you guys! I'll bet you'll be excited to see it finished, and start moving in!

    Mama J.

  3. -I was nominated for an award, not really sure what or why, but I was! It was the first time I was nominated for anything!!! {LOL} And I had to nominate at least 7 people and you were one of them. Go to my Blog and read about it!!!


  4. Your pictures remind me of when I was growing up. My Dad does carpentry as a sort of hobby/side job and I remember seeing a house come together like that -seeing the foundation get poured, running around in the new framing, hammering in a few nails and helping out. I am sure it is fun for you to see it happen. I am sure this will be a memorable time for your family πŸ™‚


  5. Thanks!!!

    Martha, yes, we are going to have the same people who did the kitchen here, do our new kitchen too. So it will be justs as nice, we may even add a few different touches too. We will see…. I'm looking forward to having a bi bugger kitchen too. Nothing like have a bit more counter space. LOL πŸ™‚

    Krista, we take a walk through the house almost every day. πŸ™‚ Yesterday we were upstairs!! I'll have to post another update soon. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh my–that does look exciting! I always love to watch houses being built. How much more fun to watch your own house taking shape day by day!

  7. Thanks Sarah!

    I have been wanting to show a floor plan, but I keep forgetting to ask dh to send me a link to it. Ok, I will hopefully share that along with my pictures of our new house update. πŸ™‚

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